Burgess Excel Feeding Hay with Hedgerow Herbs

Support your indoor rabbit's overall health and wellbeing with this Burgess Excel Indoor Rabbit Nuggets, designed as a complementary food to form part of a balanced diet. It offers blended, extruded kibble that contains L-carnitine and has been formulated specifically for indoor rabbits. These nuggets are rich in beneficial fibre and nutrients such as vitamin D, nettle and dandelion, in a recipe that is designed to reduce the risk of selected feeding.
Your rabbit's diet needs to offer dental, digestive and emotional health support, so this Burgess Excel Indoor Rabbit Nuggets has been created as part of a 5-step daily feeding plan to ensure your rabbit receives the ideal levels of nutrients and fibre.

Burgess Excel Indoor Rabbit Nuggets at a glance:
  • Complementary nuggets for indoor adult rabbits
  • Blended, extruded kibble
  • For all-round health: designed to contribute to dental, digestive and emotional wellbeing
  • Rich in fibre: with 40% beneficial fibres that help contribute to balanced nutrition and keep your rabbit's digestive system functioning well
  • Nutritious: contains L-carnitine, nettle, vitamin D and dandelion to provide key nutritional benefits
  • Reduces selective feeding: by exclusively nuggets and leaving out high-sugar elements of standard rabbit food, it ensures your pet receives all the nutrients and fibre it needs
Please note: This product is not available for delivery to Northern Ireland or the Channel Islands.