Palazzetti Portorose Masonry BBQ

The Portorose Masonry Barbecue is made from quality refractory concrete with a contrasting attractive, durable Marmotech shelf running around the front and sides. Marmotech combines refractory concrete with granulated marble to form a heat-resistant material that does not require final painting. The barbecue can be fired using wood or charcoal. Wood gives a unique aroma and unmistakable flavor to food but, it also creates a much higher temperature. Hence the firebox and grill area are strengthened to withstand the heat produced from a log fire. The back firebox wall, the part of the BBQ subjected to the greatest heat, is made of four panels (two external, horizontal ones and two internal, vertical ones) with a gap that lets the external...

Type: Masonry

Pack Qty: 1

Size: 270.00 x 70.00 x 237.00cm

Assembly: Yes

Height: 246.0CM

Width: 118.0CM

Depth: 92.0CM

Model No: 803004910

Bar Code: 8019945871202