Tetra Micro Granules Complete Food For Small Tropical Fish - 100ml

Small, freshwater ornamental fish such as neons, guppies, zebrafish and the like are only able to eat tiny morsels of food due to their small mouth size. Tetra's latest addition Micro range now makes it possible to give these fish a more comprehensive diet. In the form of the tiniest granules, pellets, sticks and crisps, the micro food contains all of the nutrients that young and adolescent ornamental fish need. Suitable food for these fish naturally requires a particularly fine structure and small size, but also has to offer the right amount of vitamins, minerals and high-quality proteins and fats in every morsel to help the fish stay fit and healthy. As a practical bonus, each tin comes with a measuring spoon for optimally administering the right amount of food.


1 x Tetra Micro Granules Complete Fish Food 100ml


Weight 59g
Barcode 4004218278950
Brand Tetra